King Suffering

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1. Failure 3:12
2. King Suffering2:28
3. The Moon3:56
4. Gravity3:23
5. I’m Burning Everything3:11
6. Moving On3:39
7. In the Light2:50
8. Letters4:33
9. Anaphora (Dear God)3:40
10. Worth Living / Dying for (Dear God Pt. 2)5:14


About Crowned in Chains

Crowned In Chains is a genre-blending and genre-switching Alternative Rock Band located in Livermore, California. The band’s mission is to share their real stories of pain and joy through the most expressive tool there is: Music. The main linking factor between the band members is not just pain, but also the joy and strength that comes from being a “slave” to God’s will. James 1:12 says “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life.” As slaves to God’s will, and as men fighting and singing through their hardships, the band considers themselves Crowned In Chains.

Daniel Sherman

Daniel Sherman (19) is the drummer/vocalist for the band, as well as the main lyricist. He has a strong passion for sharing what he’s feeling through the right melodies and the right words, and tries to keep every drum beat and every lyric sung as real and personal as he can.


Tyler Craig (20) is the lead guitarist for the band. He tries to demonstrate his passion through impactful lead lines and solos, and is known to show flare while tearing it up on his Strat.

Jacob Woll

Jacob Woll (22) is the guitarist/vocalist for the band, as well as the main composer for melodies and instrumentation. He loves making lyrics come alive to help accurately portray the stories being told. He hopes no one walks away from a song without experiencing or feeling something new.

Aaron Collins

Aaron Collins(20) is Crowned In Chains’ newest addition, and is the bass player for the band.  With a strong musical background and training for multiple instruments, Aaron’s skillfully-crafted bass lines add a deep punch to every song.

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