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This track is the first entry in a series of singles called "Part II."  These songs continue the story right where the King Suffering album left off.  King Suffering has trapped us inside of an hourglass-shaped torture chamber.  He wants us dead. Will we find a way to break free?  Who is King Suffering?  Will The Peasantry save us?  Every single will pick up the story where the last one left off.  This story doesn't end with HOURGLASSALGRUOH.  It's only just begun.


•We are the peasantry•

We are a genre-switching alternative rock band from Livermore, CA.  From the beginning, we've set out to tell true stories of pain and joy through the most expressive tool there is: music.  Our lyrics are raw. Our sound is adaptive.  And beyond all of this, there is a story being told through fictional lore behind the scenes of our music, where The Peasantry is going to war against the evil cult leader King Suffering.  Whether you want music to bop your head to, deep lyrics to meditate on, a good story to dive into, or a solid live show that will keep you on your toes, there's something you can resonate with in Crowned In Chains.

•The Music so far•