•the journey so far•

•and what's to come•

We are Crowned In Chains, a genre-switching and genre-fusing band from Livermore, California.  We believe that music is a tool for story-telling and emotional communication that has the ability to initiate and cultivate positive change within the hearts and minds of its listeners.  This mission is what drives us to create.

We formed the band in the summer of 2017 with a vision of using music as a means to tell a story.  That same summer, we self-recorded 5 demos onto our own "DEMOS EP" and sold copies to friends, family, acquaintances, and even a few strangers as a way to fund our first trip to the studio.  That EP sucked.  Badly.  Very badly.  But because of the support this community gave us in our first stage as a band, we were able to record two not-sucky singles, and eventually our debut album King Suffering in the studio, which released on November 2nd of 2018.  

While we were writing and recording the songs for our debut album, something crucial was happening behind the scenes, or maybe more accurately, behind the screens.  Through social media promotion and networking, our fanbase of a few friends and family exploded into a fanbase of over 3,000, spanning across all different ages, countries, and musical preferences.  This fanbase is called The Peasantry, and they are the most important part of this entire project.

That vision to tell a story that we mentioned earlier has evolved.  Quickly after we began performing and sharing our music, the impact one story could have on some one else's life became overwhelmingly evident.  Conversations after gigs and DM's over social media opened a door into a much greater purpose than just telling a story.  We realized we had an opportunity to speak truth, love, positivity, faith, support, encouragement, and understanding into people currently fighting in the depths of the darkest parts of their own stories.  That purpose is what currently drives Crowned In Chains.  We are constantly hearing stories of those waging wars against anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and the pain that follows sexual abuse.  Most importantly, we're hearing about how the music we write has aided these fighters in the midst of their struggles.  

Now, we're taking a massive step towards what's next as a band.  The quality of our sound and of our songs themselves has sky-rocketed.  We're better performers.  We're better writers.  And our passion for what we're doing has only grown since the beginning.  As we prepare to begin this new chapter for Crowned In Chains, (many of you know it as PART II) we need your help, Peasantry.  Share the songs.  Tell everyone you know about what we're doing.  If you can, support us financially through the Crowdfunding tab.  Most importantly, prepare for war.  There's a question in life you can't avoid answering, and your time to choose is running out.  The King is coming back.

•Will you REVOLT?•